How can we make our organisations more democratic? How can we make our work and activism more inclusive in practice? How can we, as activists, practitioners, educators, citizens, members of different movements and organisations, ensure that we implement feminist values at work and in our everyday lives? In 2018, a group of municipalist activists from six European cities gathered within the project Feminisation of politics to collectively think about making politics more feminist. In a mutual learning process, we shared obstacles, challenges, contradictions and limitations, and also strategies, tools and proposals to overcome them.

This year we have prepared a Massive Open Online Course on the topic of Feministisation of Politics, with a deep dive into questions of Care, Resources and Power. Each module develops these themes through different elements: videos, interviews, documents and other references that will help to explore these topics further. With this MOOC, we want to present lived experiences within our movements and organisations regarding the feministisation of our practices and their values. We want to share why we think feminism is necessary for collective organising, how our movements can care more about their peers, how we can change the way we build our relationships, what resources we can use and where are organisations and people who are feminising politics in their cities, communities and organisations.

The Feministisation of Politics MOOC starts on JUNE 7 th and runs for four weeks. Inscriptions will open on June 1st.

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